GPS Tracking / Fleet Management

Visibility, measurement, and management of vehicles through hardware and software solutions.

Administrators can manage vehicles and deliveries while end users/drivers can interact with the Drive app from their tablet or smartphone.

Big data can change the way your vehicles operate throughout the day.

The marketplace offers several 3rd party solutions like cameras or route optimization or vehicle maintenance automation. These solutions can snap right into the Geotab software.

Fully supported user interface with sales engineers and technicians.

Cloud Computing

Utilizing established service providers like Microsoft or Google to host, store, and manage email, security, documents, servers, critical applications and data.

Backup Professional included in Core Bundles along with Multi layer security and end point security options.

Virtualize all of your servers to remote login from the internet. Why try and host data in your own closets when you can lean on the best service providers in the world to do it for you? On premise servers are expensive, unpredictable, and dated.

End to end migration services.

Fully supported with sales engineers and technicians.


Provide the best available internet solution for a business, or a redundant connection, based on customer location.

Connection options include fiber, coax/cable, LTE wireless and 5G is coming in 2019.

Adequate internet is required these days to produce any business results. All of our critical data,

user interface software, cloud services, devices, and phone systems are depending on these services.


Voice over Internet Protocol, is a cloud based solution for telephone systems. This technology is a relevant office solution versus traditional closet PBX phone systems.

Business continuity, modern features like voicemail to email, a built in auto attendant feature, and simple user interface grant an administrator control over their phone system.

SD WAN- software defined wide area network. Providers can now deploy an SD WAN box into the network that can manage the primary internet connection and a secondary fail-over internet connection. The box combines both internet sources to provide quality of service (QOS) for voice calls. If the primary internet ever goes down, the box will use the secondary internet source.  The end users will never know the primary was ever down. This is a modern day cost effective solution.

Fully supported with sales engineers and technicians.

Cellular Business Account Management

Tablets, smartphones, hotpots, cellular communication. Business rates and business applications.

Bill reviews, billing corrections. Proactive account management before the bills cut. Consultative navigation through Verizon Wireless and all their service providers like Samsung, and Apple.

Why call an 800 number? Instead rely on our industry expertise and prompt attention to details.