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Three ways video dash cameras help improve safety, reduce risks, and protect reputations

Three Ways Video Dash Cameras Help Improve Safety, Reduce Risks, and Protect Reputations

March 4, 2021 | Ashley Preston | Fleet Management Safety

You put your company at risk when you don’t have a way to properly oversee and protect your assets.

You risk your customer relationships when you can’t verify why a driver is running late. You put your finances in jeopardy when you don’t have a way to fight a false or inflated accident claim. You risk wasting time and valuable resources while upsetting good drivers when you don’t know which ones need more training and which ones are representing your company well.

Video dash cameras help you do all these things efficiently. A reliable fleet camera system can make a world of difference when you’re faced with a problem and need hard evidence to make the right decision.

If you’re on the fence about installing video cameras in your commercial vehicles, here’s why you should consider investing in a good system.

1)    Monitor and Improve Driver Behavior

A fleet camera system captures invaluable evidence about what is happening in and around the vehicle while it is on the road. High-quality videos give you a deep insight into how your drivers are behaving and responding during an incident.

The best video telematics solutions include real-time GPS tracking and advanced sensors that tell you if a driver was speeding, braking harshly, staying on-route, and properly adhering to the schedule. You can use tools like breadcrumb trails to follow their route, track any delays, and pinpoint exactly where a driving event occurred.

Advanced AI video solutions can go further in monitoring driver behavior – tracking when they fall asleep, leave their lane without signaling, following another vehicle too closely, smoking, or using their cellphone. FleetCam® AI has an in-cab alert system built in that provides an audiovisual alert the moment an unsafe or unwanted driving behavior is detected, allowing the driver to quickly correct course.

FleetCam Demo Macbook

Vehicle camera systems offer your company complete transparency on the road. That enables you to spot and improve systematic behavioral issues. These recordings can help establish a pattern of unwanted driving behavior and used to help coach or discipline drivers as needed.

The cameras help you spot positive driving behavior too. For instance, you might get an instant alert reporting your driver braked harshly on his route, but the video clips show that he was reacting to prevent a crash after someone cut him off.  That means you don’t have to waste your time and resources to training drivers who are handling themselves well and can focus on the drivers who need additional coaching.

Drivers can also access to DriveShield™, an app that enables them to monitor their driver scores and stats. The app helps them better understand their own scores and adjust their own behavior when they make minor infractions, so you only need step in when the situation warrants it.

2)    Get Credible Answers for Clients

It is easy to answer questions about where a driver is or what is going on around them when you can see it for yourself. If a driver says he is late with a delivery because bad traffic or weather, you can simply pull up the livestream to verify. Rapid, accurate responses help build customer relationships while protecting your company’s reputation.

If there is a customer dispute about a delivery being made or trash being picked up, you can easily pull up the vehicle’s historic video feed and see what happened. You could see if the driver dropped off the packages or see if the customer’s trash cans were out when the driver went by. That footage provides your company cover and enables you to fight back if you are ever unfairly accused of poor service.

Video cameras save you time too; you don’t have to track down the driver or make a bunch of phone calls. You simply pull up the footage and respond accordingly – saving you time and energy to handle the things that move your business forward.

3)    Assess and Reduce Liability

Our vehicle camera solution is designed with both fleet safety and liability concerns in mind. That’s because fleet vehicle accidents are among the most expensive injury claims a business can face.

Even though studies show fleet truck drivers only cause about 26% of fatal the accidents they are involved in, they still risk being found at-fault without the proper evidence to defend themselves. A fleet vehicle crash usually costs a company about $70,000. That’s almost twice as much as the average workplace injury costs a company.

Fleet cameras can help you dispute false claims and inflated claims. Video can prove your driver wasn’t at fault or help you determine what kind of liability you’re facing if they did play a role in the crash.

Get the Right Camera Solution for Your Fleet Operation

Fleet dash cameras give you a real-time view of what exactly is happening on the road while giving you cover in the event of false claims or driver behavioral issues. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the tools that will help you and your organization thrive.

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