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Introducing Nimble 5.0

By Lyndsey Clevesy / Jun 19, 2019

Nimble Release 5 0
The Nimble 5.0 release delivers a set of powerful enhancements centered on the CRM basics that dramatically improve team relationship management across the organization, including an updated contact record, granular activity tracking, contact privacy, and integrations with Office 365, Power BI, and Azure.

Here’s a list of what’s included:
Team Relationship Manager powered by two-way sync with hundreds of business apps
Redesigned contact profile with inline editing and granular activity tracking
Redesigned Smart Contacts App*
All-new Activities Listing Tab and Custom Activity Types
Email tracking everywhere you work
Contact privacy with user group controls*
Integrations with Azure common data services (Power BI, PowerApps and Flow).*
Detailed activity reporting, activity automation, and greater customization.*
New database field types*
Web lead contact capture form
Additional updates include: Account/lead contact types with record owner*; the ability to associate contacts to multiple companies and related contacts*; and more. *coming soon

Learn more
You can find Nimble by AppSmart on our Marketplace.To read more about the release, check out Nimble’s blog post here.

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