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Author: Mike Branch, Vice President Data & Analytics

Each day, all over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of connected vehicles driving — gathering critical details on road condition, driving patterns, and even weather. How can smart cities and businesses connect with this intelligence? Geotab has made these insights available on a new website. Read this post for a quick intro to

Launched at GEOTAB CONNECT 2018, offers free aggregated data to users via Google BigQuery. Billions of data points from over one million Geotab connected vehicles are collected every single day through plug and play Geotab GO devices. The datasets and tools combined provide valuable insight for use by public and other private organizations to improve safety and efficiency, optimize operations, and discover new solutions for infrastructure challenges such as traffic congestion and poor road conditions.

For a recap of what happened at GEOTAB CONNECT, please see this blog post. How It Works

The data collected by Geotab is securely sent to our gateway servers using a cellular network and is then integrated into our data environment in Google BigQuery. Here, users have free access to the aggregated data collected from all vehicles from one central location. To gain access to the Intelligence Data BigQuery project, simply sign up on with a gmail account.

One of the key benefits of the datasets on are the insights that cover a variety of different fleets and industries. Customers go beyond their own data environment and see the big picture of trends, patterns and behaviors on a much larger scale with rich location, engine and vehicle behavior data.

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