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Single Sign-On Solutions for Business

by Darryl Mitchell March 7, 2018

Businesses today rely on a growing number of cloud applications, each requiring their own login credentials. Traditionally, IT would have to provision accounts within each application and users would have to remember their username and password for dozens of services.

Single sign-on (SSO) allows users to access cloud and on-premise apps using one login. While having a single set of credentials for all applications sounds like it goes against best practices for data security, single sign-on actually provides an extra layer of security. This is because SSO gives administrators the ability to disable application access within a single portal.

single sign on solutions

Security Risks of SaaS Applications

  1. Using the same password: To remember login credentials for business applications, users will often use the same username and password across many applications. This creates a huge security risk. If one system is exposed to a breach, login credentials to  other applications and sensitive data could also be at risk.
  2. Different levels of security across applications: Not all SaaS applications abide by the same strict authentication standards businesses expect to protect their data. Without an extra layer of security and authentication, businesses expose themselves to the security risks of the applications with the weakest authentication systems.
  3. Deprovisioning users: When employees leave a company, IT administrators have to act swiftly to deprovision users and ensure they can no longer access or tamper with sensitive information. Because so many businesses use dozens of cloud applications, this process can take a significant amount of time. And, leaving deprovisioning up to the IT team to perform manually increases the risk of human error that can leave sensitive data at risk.

Benefits of Single Sign-On Solutions

SSO solutions benefit both end-users as well as IT administrators, improving workflow in a variety of ways. Benefits include:

Strengthened Security

Though it may seem like using one password for all applications would be a security risk, SSO solutions strengthen security across all applications. Most SaaS platforms use Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) which allows data authentication and authorization between parties. When combined with authentication through Azure AD or another centralized identity management system, SSO decreases the risk of a data breach.

Many SSO solutions use additional security measures to authenticate users. These measures can include PINs, security questions and even advanced measures such as fingerprint identification, facial recognition or voice recognition.

Greater Administrative Control

SSO gives IT administrators the ability to audit when and where login credentials are used to access data and applications. In the case of a security breach, administrators are able to see what was done during the breach and where it took place. This gives them the ability to act swiftly to prevent more data from being compromised and also provides insight into what can be done in the future to prevent a similar attack.

Reduced Number of Support Tickets

Password problems account for a huge percentage of help desk calls at most large companies. In an effort to increase security, many businesses will require users to change passwords frequently or require longer, more complex passwords. Consequently, IT teams become swamped with constant support tickets for login help.

With an SSO solution, users only need to remember one login and password, significantly driving down help desk costs and allowing IT administrators to focus on more important tasks.

Improved Productivity and Collaboration

SSO solutions free employees from the stress of remembering multiple usernames and passwords. Logging in to multiple applications throughout the day can take away valuable work time- especially when passwords are long, complicated or difficult to remember.

Remote Access

For businesses with remote workers or workers that need to access resources when away from the office, SSO provides a secure and user-friendly solution. With SSO, businesses can ensure users are securely authenticated when accessing resources and applications, regardless of where they are or the device they are using.

Managed SSO with NeoCloud

As your company utilizes more cloud applications, your IT team and administrators will face many identity and access management challenges. By working with the right partner, you can overcome security and implementation challenges while allowing your IT team to focus on their core tasks.

At NeoCloud, we’ll get to know your business and help you choose the SSO solution that’s right for you. With experienced team members, customizable training and long-term support, we can help your company take advantage of the latest cloud technology while maintaining a secure, easy-to-use network. Contact NeoCloud today for a free consultation.

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